The Sketchbook Project

So kinda cool proud nerd fun geek moment. During Quarantine I found out about #thesketchbookproject through one of the blogs I follow. I'm no artist, but I figured, it's lockdown, it'll give me a little goal, why not. Today I received word that my sketchbook has been digitized. What makes this project special for me... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Photos Wanted

I'm collecting your photos from the pandemic. 1-2 photos of that it meant TO YOU. I want to do a published book - giving FULL PHOTO CREDIT to any participant - I don't want profits, I don't want ANYTHING. I just went searching for a book to see if anyone recorded this and didn't find... Continue Reading →

Thoughts Betwixt Breads

Food has a way of marking time. Sandwiches have a way of putting bookends on it. It was elementary school when I entered my “super duper” into the Kraft “make Your best sandwich” contest. It was white bread, Mayo, that famous plastic cheddar single slice with tomato, onion, mustard, pickle and lettuce. Later in those... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Nutmeg & Onions

I was reading a food lovers article that said, “Of the five senses, smell is the most “direct”: when we smell the aroma of a delicious dish of pasta served in tomato sauce, the odorous molecules reach the nasal cavity and are captured by the mucous which contain olfactory receptors. These consist of 5 million... Continue Reading →

Geeking Out.

I was given this article by a coworker today. He told me to feel free to nerd out. I'm gonna geek out, but since I've been writing "a little longer articles" recently, I thought I'd write on something that I don't talk about much ….my job. I'm a data geek. You can call it an... Continue Reading →

SPRY the Pan

Twelve years ago this month, this photo was taken with my mom and her mother, Grandma Pinky. Grandma lived in a (say it like Roseanne Roseannadanna) teensy, tiny, itsy, bitsy little town in Pennsylvania. She was the family "keeper of the cornerstone recipes" ....halupki (cabbage rolls), pierogi (try them!), but her first love in the... Continue Reading →

Life Imitates Art

Is anyone else getting more observant as this time wears on? It's nearly as if staying in your own home's bubble sucks you into pondering things that you never had time for before. Some days I feel that I should be more effective with this, acting on my thoughts instead of just indulging them. But... Continue Reading →

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