The Big……Say Cheesy

I’m one of those folks that sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. But on vacation, I see the trees, not the forest. I love the little things about a place.

Louisiana has alot of charm in its details. A Carillion in the middle of a state park. A good cup of coffee at Cafe Du Monde. I love the color there, the mish mash of old against new. I loved walking about the French Quarter in the open air market and seeing what little treasures I could stumble upon. I could sit all day and listen to the street musicians and sip coffee and watch life go by.

I love taking pictures there because it seems like everyone is doing it. I’m not one to like to be the center of attention, I’d rather fade with my camera in hand, quietly into the background. It’s a much better place for me.

Location: Morgan City & New Orleans, LA

(Pictures by Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2008.)


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