One of My First Recipes

Chicken & Rice

1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 can of Chicken and Rice Soup
2 “cans worth” of water
2 “cans worth” of instant rice
4 Bone In Chicken Thighs – 2 skin on, 2 skin off.

Mix first four ingredients in 9×13 Pyrex dish. Put the skin on thighs in opposite corners and put skin off thighs in remaining corners. Place foil on pan. Bake at 400 for 45 -1 hour until chicken is done.

This is one of my favorite recipes from my mum. Upon giving it out, she’ll also tell you that they used water because they were poor, and if you really want a good one, replace the water with milk and the chicken with pork chops. That works too. Oddly enough, I’ve never had this one with pork chops.

You’ll learn quickly through my blog here that I love, live, breathe and of course, eat, food. So I figured why not devote a huge portion of my blogging to another passion entirely.
I have several blogs: – personal – humor – my budding almost business
and even… – yes, my dog.

But I digress, you’ll learn about me that when it’s my mum’s recipe, there’s almost always a preset side dish to go with it. This one is a can (must be can) of french cut green beans. Over the years this has attempted to get a dish of frozen peas, or even canned peas. But it’s not right. And don’t get regular green beans either. It doesn’t work, they don’t stick on the fork with the rice well. It’s wrong on many levels.

So there’s your first recipe. Get to getting on it.


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