and a good ending….


1 large container and 1 small container of Cool Whip
16 oz can of Fruit Cocktail
1 flat can of crushed pineapple
1 small box of Cherry Jelllo
16 oz container of cottage cheese

Mix all ingredients, adding jello last. Refrigerate.

This sometimes gets marshmallows added. Sometimes the pineapple is mandarin oranges. I even made it with orange jello once. Yes, you can do sugar free with this when it comes to jello and the cool whip. I’ve even thrown in tropical fruit cocktail over traditional. Add nuts? Why not!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This is my last in the Thanksgiving series. Add the aforeblogged macaroni and cheese, canned cranberries, a few baked sweet potatoes, a few ears of corn, a relish tray with sweet pickles, green and black olives & cream cheese stuffed celery. Have a few heat n serve rolls, with real butter. Serve red wine and egg nog. You’re on par with what I’ll have this year.



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