Photo Scavenger Hunt – April

01-Foolisha Foolish: Good old candy. A vice.

02-OpeningaOpening: Found at the Austin Botanical Gardens. I wanted to leap in and have a good old country breakfast here.

03-RamRam: I cheated a bit here, this was a Dodge Ram in traffic with me. I couldn’t help being cheeky with the Photo Request.

04-FouraFour: Caught while Camping with Jeff. 05-Eggsa Eggs: Good ol’ Easter opportunity. A Girl and Boy Egg love scene.06-FluffyaFluffy: This piece was actually surprising to find while I photo shopped….it started off as a rather boring flower…

07-ShowersaShower: It had rained and these droplets called to be captured.

08-St. GeorgeDragona Dragon: Must admit, Jeff helped find me this little dragon figure while out shopping. You can’t tell, but he’s positioned in front of my Paris poster. I thought it a bit whimsical for him to “see” the Eiffel Tower.

9-Fatherhooda Fatherhood: Caught at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin. Very moving.

10-PiecesaPieces: Found these tiles outside of a cool little cafe down the drag in Austin. They were a fantastic color!

11-BrilliantaBrilliant: The sun peeking out of the trees on a rather bumpy bike ride.

12-Fishinga Fishing: Beautiful Koi, Austin Botantical Garden. They kept bubbling up to the surface, following me, asking to be taken!

13-Poetic LicenseaPoetic License: Defined as:

The liberty taken by an artist or a writer in deviating from conventional form or fact to achieve a desired effect…I caught this little sidewalk that just “ended” into a clearing – it was sorta like saying – walk the line…and then define the final adventure as you see fit. It made sense for this one!

14-Arbor-the sheltering skya Sheltering Sky: taken while getting ready for a night of camping. I love the eery trees that caged us in.

15-Taxinga Taxing: Happy April 15th! Burn….

16-Rebirtha Rebirth: Umlauf Sculptural Gardens. It was raining a bit on and off that day. Was a fantastic thing to see this one nestled in the trees, almost hidden as if to make you find it.17-Karmaa Karma: I don’t know why I thought of the “Karma” one here. It just felt like sometimes you end up having a bad day…because you gave someone else one.

18-Nirvanaa Nirvana: Ah. Peace.19-Runninga Running: These were caught in a cool vintage store. I couldn’t help but love the mish mash of colors and dots. Made me wanna run around on a playground.20-Innocencea Innocence: Taken at Toy Joy in Austin. This one was fantastic store – whimsy EVERYWHERE. I wanted to be a kid again.

21-Salud!a Salud!: Beer enjoyed after taking portraits in Rice Village. Nothing said “Cheers!” more after a fantastic day of making images with friends.

22-Earth Daya Earth Day: Picking up litter along the street. Fixing the Earth – one piece at a time.

(Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)


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