Juneteenth Celebration

IMG_1783a IMG_1798a IMG_1847a IMG_1879a IMG_1918a IMG_1934a IMG_1955a IMG_2029a IMG_2047a IMG_2055a IMG_2106a IMG_2117a IMG_2124a IMG_2164a IMG_2263a IMG_2264a IMG_2283a IMG_2290a IMG_2295a IMG_2323a IMG_2338a IMG_2352a IMG_2419a IMG_2423a IMG_2456a IMG_2465a IMG_2471a IMG_2471b IMG_2476a IMG_2484a IMG_2492a IMG_2507a IMG_2510a IMG_2514a

Location: Brenham, Texas

(Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)


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