California Coffee Shop Charisma

The Thought

Sitting back enjoying a cup, thinking that love and happiness have filled me up. My mug runneth over, it’s  love in the black, I love this city, I’m comin’ back.

I’m thinking a nice day out at the coffee shop with you and your journal and your free spirited thoughts. Find a funky greek sandal and you’re all set. I know the pant is a little extreme, but consider the idea that you could wear this with a great long sleeve tissue top for fall, a nifty flat cap and fitted sweater in the fall…you’re all set!

Keep it easy but inspired here. We’re looking for eclectic cool and funky without crossing the lines into granola-land. I love the pant with a little harem action, the solid tank paired keep this duo low key for sippin’ your poison. Add a scarf for that keep warm in the breezy weather flair as well as a pop of color. Feeling a little funkier – add a knit hat or a large hoop pair of earrings, and a sprinkle of cinnamon to that latte – the day just spiced itself up.

The Inspiration

image image

The Gear



Forever 21

Basic Slashed Back Tank $10.80

Metallic Sprinkled Gauze Scarf $6.80

Linen Harem Pant $34.00


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