14 shoes you must own

The Thought

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels.

Be a girl. Own the shoes. I have 84 pair. I never thought I’d own 84 shoes. I adore them though. I’ve learned that they can make an outfit. You can get noticed for them. I met my current boyfriend because of my boots.  Who knows. You may too!

The Inspiration

image  The Fabulous Imelda Marcos

The Gear

14. Extremely Tall (preferably 6 inch) heels – black (preferably with red soles – knock offs allowable!)


Yeah, don’t even hesitate. If a pair like this doesn’t make you want to stomp evil out of the world – nothing will!

Ebay: Sexy Red Sole Platform Pump Mary Jane Black Snake Print $31.74

13. Red high heels


You need color. Red is the best “neutral” color to start with. It goes with black, white, grey, khaki. Try it. It suits more than you might think. 

Nordstrom: BCBGeneration ‘Tinas’ Platform Pump (Nordstrom Exclusive) $98.95

12. Ballet Flat


Going on a trip – want to look good but still be able to walk at the end of the day? Try a pretty flat! 

Newport-News.com: Velvet flat with satin bow $11.99
11. Rocker pair of boots – motorcycle, studs, something with an edge


Motorcycle gang…spice up a pair of skinny jeans? wear with cut off shorts and a thin sweater in the fall? These will touch up all those from “meh” to “HELLO” in seconds! 

Chadwicks: Triple Buckle Boots $64.99

10. One pair that speak louder than the outfit, but you own the attitude


Take a black suit and heels from basic to edgy with a pair of oxfords. The idea here is to get your feet noticed – that way their scanning your long legs all the way down! 

Kohls: Apt. 9® Isis High Heels $59.99
8 and 9. Flip flop – one dressy, one casual

image image

I love shoes, but I’m a weekend flip flop girl. From glamour to grocery store, these two basics will walk you through Saturday and Sunday!

Target: Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Lonnie Studded Gladiator Flip Flops – Brown $12.99 & Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Laverne Flip Flops – Black $9.99

7. Any type of shoe that only has one outfit that goes with it

image image

I have a pair of red plaid heels. I have a pair of paisley pumps. At the first glance, they went with one thing. and then I found freedom to pair more and more – and they multiplied by closet’s worth just by  matching new and interesting items together to make them work!

Ebay: Brown Round Toe Platform High Heel Pump Shoes $32.98

Kohls: Candie’s® Classy Peep-Toe Dress Heels $54.99

6. Chuck Taylors or Converse

image image image

Being a dancer, converse or the like with a bit of suede glued to the heel make EXCELLENT dance shoes. But what shoe queen wants one pair of many colors? NOT I! 

Payless.com: Canvas Kicks $24.99, Knee High Kicks $32.99, Kicks Hi Watercolor $24.99
5. Cowboy Boots – one roper sensible and one that’s flat out fabulous

image image

Texas born, bred and raised. These work overtime right now since they’re so on-trend!

Bootbarn.com: Justin Women’s Roper Boots – Black $59.99

Sears: Roper Womens Vintage Underlay Boots Black $63.95

4. Over the Knee Boots


This is the new tall boot – don’t forget your knee high wonders, but you have two ways here – a flat one for those mini skirts and bumming around town…the tall ones with a pair of tailored shorts to wow him! Put under a long skirt for a tantalizing peek! Or take a pair of over the knee socks with your current boots and make them speak as well!

JCPenney: Decree® ‘Salem’ $90.00
3. Equestrian Boots


Classic boot that walks more places than you give it credit for! Under jeans and a flannel shirt for a camping haute couture. With a great tartan skirt for a Ralph Lauren classic look. Buckle detail here shows that you’re adding a bit of jewelry and polish.

JCPenney: St. John’s Bay® ‘Amelia’ Suede Riding Boot $89.99
2. Ugg or fuzzy boots


I had Uggs (or knockoffs thereof) before Uggs were cool. Honestly. These are FANTASTIC. They are my favorite shoe. I wish I had more weather to wear them in.  Grocery store. Snow storm. After a hard day even as slippers for house work. OH! Please!

Uggaustralia.com: $180.00
1. One pair of black business heels that make you own that room


This is the basic gone bad. I love it. Make sure there’s a button. A ruffle. A zip. Something to strike fear into the hearts of men. 

Charlotte Russe:  Layered Front High Heel Pumps $30.00


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