Accessorize and Mean it

The Thought

Be your own Billboard!

Add a bauble. It never hurts. Go NOW! (sorry to yell, I’m talking statement pieces here) and put on a white tee and jeans. Now, go to that accessory drawer (what?! no drawer…!?) and pick out something. Anything with a little color. a ring. a scarf. a bag. See how you change now. You look put together. Now, go to store. Repeat purchasing action. Godspeed!

 The Inspiration


The Gear

imageimage image image

image image

image image image

Forever 21: 

Ethnic Class Earrings $5.80

Accent Flower Ring $5.80

Double Buckle Belt $5.80

Stone Center Ring $3.80

Peacock Feather Necklace $5.80

Feather Accent Headband $10.80

Sheer Zig Zag Tights $6.80


Bueno Croc Embossed Briefcase with Front Organizer Pocket – Red $29.99

Hollywood Intuition Beaded Clutch – Blue $16.99


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