It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

The Thought

…he wouldn’t be nothin’….nothin’….without a Woman….

This is a good staple look for any closet. You can play this super easy or super shocking – easy! Add a fedora and a vest and a debate team tie…you’ve got the very literal approach. The key here is CUT. It must look feminine – the suit that is. You want hips. You have a bosom – keep it! You’re still a femme fatale, but you need to be undercover in a man’s world – make sure you can still be picked out of a line up out of your male counterparts – keep it pinstripe or tweed, but make sure your accessories toe the line, but also stretch the boundaries! Pink tartan tie? ABSOLUTELY.

The Inspiration

image image image image

The Gear

image image image image image

Forever 21: Pinstripe Vest Jacket $19.80

Express: Embellished Editor Pant $79.90

                   Logo Cuff Shirt $39.90

JCPenney: Alma Mater Stripe Tie $19.99

                        east5th® ‘Payton’ Lace-up Oxford Pump $50.00


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