The Equestrian

The Thought

This season’s Fall 2010 look books are showing alot of aviation themes. I thought I’d take it back a little more classically to something that I can keep in my closet longer. I don’t see aviation….taking off….forgive the pun. That said, a good menswear look a la Adler in “Holmes” is always insipring. Think jodphurs or skinny jeans tucked into boots. Keep this earthy – browns, olives, black – with tweeds and even a subtle tartan. Don’t go wild on me, this should be tailored and the costume-y-ness controlled. This is a severe trend and you want to blend into public, but still have the details set you straight.

The Inspiration

image image image image

The Gear

image image image image

6pm: (  Boot: $67.05

JCPenney: St. John’s Bay® Secretly Slender Capri: $32.00

                      Worthington® Long Sleeve French Cuff Shirt $30.00-42.00

Forever 21: Military Chic Vest $32.00


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