The Senses of Summer

IMG_6187a IMG_6205a IMG_6210a IMG_6213a IMG_6215a IMG_6216a IMG_6218a IMG_6236a IMG_6245a IMG_6256a IMG_6279a IMG_6283a IMG_6323aIMG_6302a IMG_6307a IMG_6309a IMG_6312a

IMG_6542a IMG_6348a IMG_6358a IMG_6362a IMG_6366a IMG_6377a IMG_6388a IMG_6400a IMG_6425a IMG_6431a IMG_6448a IMG_6478a IMG_6496a IMG_6513a IMG_6515a IMG_6521a IMG_6530a IMG_6753a IMG_6581a IMG_6585a IMG_6592a IMG_6606a IMG_6641a IMG_6655a IMG_6657a IMG_6695a IMG_6730a IMG_6733a IMG_6736a IMG_6742a Location : Alvin & Galveston, TX

(Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)


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