Just One Cake? Pah.

Who needs the large bridal cake when you’re a couple of many tastes? Not I! mwd105823_fall10_cakes1_xl I thought it would be great to celebrate a wedding with not one, but MANY, cakes. Depending on your guest list length, you may need to double up (or just get extra creative)…think 8-10 people per type, unless you’re thinking sheet cakes or larger sizes. If you can, this is a great way to get extra hands involved.

What was your first shared dessert? His Mom’s best pie? The first sweet you handmade for your sweetie? What about grandma’s recipe for her super moist chocolate? Or your favorite restaurant’s recipe? What means the most to you?

If time permits, perhaps give guests a run down on why that cake made the list with little cards before each cake….even if something made the list because you fought over it, perhaps it’s good to laugh about the silly tiff now, as a sign of the strength of your relationship that you’re celebrating.

Make it good. Make it sweet. Enjoy all the goodness life offers!


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