Through these blogs I hope to share my thoughts on being a retro girl in a modern way in a world that moves too fast!


What is on my Table!retro-housewife

I’m a cook. I’m a slow cooker, I’m a fast cooker, one pot meal, multiple pot feast. You name it, I’ll try it. I find new ways to make things diet.  Make attempts at making old recipes new again. Take your ordinary homestyle favorites and break them down into doable parts. I love all types of cooking from all sorts of sources.  I know how to do two things – cook and love. I’ll show you how here!





The Aisle Mile!

Since the days of Martha Stewart, Sylvia Weinstock and Vera Wang, I have loved weddings. I’ve been through my own, understood where to skimp, where to save, where to get help and where to do it yourself. Most importantly, I learned to keep yourself and your love in the details and share with the world the magic you two share! Read my ideas here on how to make those wishes and dreams happen!

imageDressing your Address! 

I’m cooking in the kitchen, I need it to look good too. And that thought extends to the rest of my house! I love changing looks, and I hate spending the dollars unless the trade up is worth it! Here I post my new findings as I shop out there. It’s important, much like your wedding, to inflect the inhabitants personalities. This blog will keep you abreast of the latest ways to do that!



The Style Mile

If you dress your house, you need to dress you too! I’m a clothes horse. One to levels that are almost scary! I enjoy the outlandish shoe, the classic black dress, the edgy new skirt cut. All here will tell you how I’m putting it together – whether it’s following the latest fashion trends or letting my personality show through. I’m reaching out to show you when to spend, when to bargain and where to get it!


retro dogdg5312Ralph Thomas’ Cage  

And last but not least, Ralph Thomas. He’s my puppy dog. He loves the best looks and the most comfy blankets. After years of having pets I’ve figured out some good products and not-usually-for-pet-use items that have my life simpler for Ralph and myself. Plus, when puppy has to be the top dog, this is the place to come to find the latest and greatest!




Enjoy this new site, it’s been awhile in the making, and I’m happy to share my passions with the readers I’ll receive!


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