A Little Laughter in the Dress Rehearsal

I think if you want to keep the wedding relatively traditional, a great place to interject your childish enthusiasm and personality is the rehearsal dinner. Have a favorite cartoon? a funny joke that makes you both laugh that you want to share with the family? Canimage you include that in your dinner theme? Absolutely!

What about eschewing the entire “dinner” completely? I don’t mean not to feed the people, I’m always up for that, but what about a crawfish boil? Or pizza night and a movie? Heck, what about a movie at a draft house?

I think this is the best time to let your hair down. The night before. Everything is ordered and ready. Why not enjoy the laughter and time with friends and family. This is probably even more intimate than the next day’s hustle and bustle. This is the time you can make the speeches about when you got gum stuck in your hair in 4th grade, or how she saw him with hat hair on their first date. This is the time that you can start shedding the tears of laughter and happiness that the next day will bring.

What about holding it in an offbeat location – the grooms grade school? a local park if the weather holds? What about playing bingo during the festivities? Keep people together – sometimes the two families haven’t had a chance to really meld together – this might be a great time for icebreakers, that way the next day has a much more together feel than ever.

Dance down the aisle during? Perhaps dress as the other (bride as groom, groom as bride) – shake it up a bit. Come as your favorite characters – Lucy and Schroeder, Kermit and Miss Piggy. Get everyone motivated to be a big part of your wedding day, get everyone smiling and laughing. Be realistic, weddings can be rather stressful as they approach, it helps to interject humor, it’s the best medicine!


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