The Spooky Kookiness of it all

The Thought

The monster mash…and she had to be a smash….go get your dress up on girl. If you’ve got a good man, and he’s willing to go through the pain, what about being condemned…er, condiments together?? Need something for a gala? What about a smashing yellow dress and this fantastic Big Bird headband? The dancer in me still loves the classic Flapper, and what better at a local pub costume contest? Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the whimsy of the season, a reason to play dress up and to collect sugar wherever you go!

The Inspiration 


The Gear



All from Target!

Peacock – 49.99

Sesame Street’s Big Bird Headband  $14.99

Women’s Flapper $32.99

Mustard/Ketchup Bottle $29.99

Big Bird and Elmo  $40.00

Lemon $69.99


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