When you can’t decide!



I’m a girl of many fashions if you’ve not figured that out already. I’ve also let on that I do a bit of swing dancing. and being Polish, if there’s a polka, I’m there. Plus being from Texas usually means 9 months out of the year…we’re hot. So all that said, if I’m dancing at my wedding, which is a dumb question, YES, I’ll be dancing, then I’ll most likely opt for a reception dress.

Until recently I thought I was the sneaky one with this idea. I mean what girl doesn’t want to sneak in a costume change on imageher biggest day! Sign ME up! But that aside, I think it may be practical to save the big dress for the ceremony and pictures and switch up later into something that makes you feel gorgeous AND comfortable.

That said, these aren’t my exact choices of dress. (Of course I’d not unveil that here) but these are like the one I have in mind. Something 1950’s inspired, no veil necessary, perhaps a hint of feather or flower tucked in for good effect. But that said, I want


something I can move in. I want to feel like a spinning and whirling dervish on the dance floor. I also plan on finding some old fashioned ruffle-y bloomers to allow me to….well, tone down the “floor show”. I’d love to add a pair of colored flats to compliment my bridesmaids.

If my bridesmaids all wore the same dress, this might be a great area to emulate or even mimic the dress they have on in a white version if the style suits, what a way to make cool pictures happen! I think there are many ways to keep yourself feeling just as special in this sort of dress for your reception – think vintage or even a little sexier than the traditional brides dress, this may be a way to keep grandma AND yourself happy on one day. Plus, who wants their mascara running because you enjoyed The Chicken Dance a little too much??

Enjoy the day! Look great! Feel even better!


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