It dawned on me that my readers didn’t know who Ralph Thomas was. It’s been a busy few weeks for this Living Aloud Allowed blogger, forgive me, I should have done this from the get go.IMG_5209a

I’m a Cancer, born July 11th. I’m feisty and too cute for my own good! I’m learning, always learning, and then forgetting whatever it is that my people taught me. I’m getting “sit!” , but that’s about it. It takes time with me!

That said, I’m cuddly and fuzzy. I’m not big on meeting new dogs but after awhile, I tend to care less that they are around. That said, if I’m away too long, I forget them and remember to hate them, and the re-learn that they’re ok…it’s a cyclical process.

I have a scar on my head, that’s from having an open fontanel (soft spot) and my brains are a little too big for me! That’s okay, it makes me look manly!


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