A Lady Who Lunches



I was a lady who lunched. I treated myself recently to a lunch at the Carillion Center Forno’s. I had the insalata caprese to start – which disappointed a bit as the tomato was accompanied by an “ok” mozzarella rather than a nice fresh slice of a round mozzerella. The toasted bread that accompanied it was made up for by the by the fresh bread and butter on the table.

I ordered off the menu for lunch, simply the fettuccine alfredo. Now, that said, I’m a dieter. I work out every day, I eat properly as much as my soul can take it, which is pretty regularly. This dish came to the table piping hot, and it was fantastic. It was a good portion, the noodles cooked perfectly al dente and no over hinting of pepper. The extra sprinkling of parmesan added that nice little after bite that should occur after this dish. For me, alfredo should not just be a creamy sauce, it needs to taste of parmesan, have the texture of a good pasta, it needs to be perfect and unseparated in it’s mouthful. This accomplished that perfectly.

The restaurant was lovely for a business luncheon, had a good amount of patrons, but not loud, and not overly packed. It’s also a nice place for a romantic dinner, a bit mobster-Godfather styling, and the white tablecloths give me the feel that I’ve treated myself well, but not at the price of a mortgage payment.

imageForno’s – (713) 789-5552

  Rating: spoon & fork – a little dicey on some of the food, but simple food was perfection!


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