Cozied up for the Big Day

image The Thought

When you’re dashing from oven to table, you have to look and feel good! I adore the plaid shoe with the somewhat masculine hoodie. I think it’s all about playing the girl next door here with a little sex appeal. The knee high sock can be pulled off with shorts even, given it’s not freezing! You want the hoodie to fit in a feminine way, this is not a man’s hoodie and shouldn’t be a schlumpy addition to your closet. Think “hanging out WITH the guys”….not being one of them!



The Inspiration


The Gear

image imageimage image

Forever 21: Cleveland Hooded Jacket  $22.90

Old Navy: Women’s The Flirt Trouser Jeans $39.50  Black Tube Socks with Red Stripe $8.99

Payless Shoe Source:  Kicks Lo Plaid $24.99


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