Scoring the Touchdown



What a better way to get a tailgate started off right than to get all your theme ware up and ready to go! An easy choice that can be used in the day to day before and after the game isclip_image001 Walmart’s Anchor Hocking 4-piece Grand Pilsner Barware Set. At $19.99 it’s a great basic set, and shh, ladies, I use these as vases for flowers sometime, they’re too easy!imageclip_image002

Getting into the spirit is easy with Target’s selection for your buffet table. I found these, the Touchdown Snack Bowl image$19.99, 3- Section Server $24.99, Chip & Dip Set $19.99. I thought these were cute ideas to keep your theme up without having to buy paper plates each year – plus it’s imagemuch more eco-friendly!

 image Now, for me, personally, I’ll get into the baking mood when it’s game time. Which means you’ll find me in the kitchen so that the cupcakes are ready by half time. I found these cute picks and papers at  Party City for $2 and $4, you can’t complain! It’s theme and icing all at once! 🙂

But let’s just say the game gets good and I don’t have time for cupcakes…nothing beats Wilton’s imagefootball pan in a situation. I even love their bread sandwich idea – how cute! For $12.99, I normally do not get into shaped pans, but I could see these being used for alot of creative ideas!

imageFinally, somewhere to store the refreshments. I like to keep it generic here, the Clear Acrylic Party Tub $21.99  is large and unbreakable – easy to clean and goes with anything. I love a multiple use item and I could see this being reused time and again.

And finally, if the game is terrible and you’re still looking for smiles, might I suggest going to and picking up the Excalibur NF07-08 NFL imageVibrating Football game for $44. This could save your party should your team come up short!

Here’s to the touchdowns this season!


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