Seasons Changing



     This year I feel the cool breath of fall a little more abruptly than I remember of years past. The morning it became cold I actually remember exclaiming out loud that “Fall is Here!”.  I love the idea that when I go out at the crack of dawn to leave for work and the gym that the cool air energizes me for my morning “run” on the elliptical.

I love the way the light changes with the fall. Becoming a less harsh, more brilliant light that lasts a little longer, and when it begins to diminish does so with a flourish of temperatures that beckon for the likes of heavy knits and flannels.image

I love the events of fall. Pumpkin carving and Halloween. Turkeys and Thanksgiving. The apple crisps and hayrides, the football and friends that come around for tailgates. I love when the wind is just a touch too brisk and the cuddling gets a little closer. I adore putting the house through it’s different holiday paces, and I love feeling a little closer and offering thanks for those things that usually seem more mundane. I love re-discovering my fall clothes missed, but not forgotten, in the closet – my long sweaters and the cozy big shirts. I love the jackets in the closet coming out after their own hibernation. I love my boots, making a long imageawaited burst back onto my walks into the office.


I enjoy the colors of fall, but sometimes think we forget about the blues and cooler colors until winter is in full swing. A good pop of teal shouldn’t be forgotten the seas of reds and rusts. I love the crunch of leaves under foot and the taste of graham cracker crust beneath the perfect apple raisin pie. I think the sound of people outside is warming, watching families play in a pile of leaves, or a school game being attended by kids swathed in letter jackets. The good ol’ school days look is in full swing at this point – plaids and knee socks with cardigans.image


I think the smells are what take me there most. The smell of fires burning for the first time. More grilling outside before the weather makes us stay in. The smell of stews and soups bubbling on the stove or of pumpkin bread being baked. I love the way a morning smells, almost with a bit of motivation to make the day better than it was planned to be – a bit of a challenge, but not so much given the wonderful environment to make happiness. I’ve fallen for fall, I’m off to go make happy.


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