For the Fine Feathered Affair…



A fabulously feathered event starts off with a bang of an invite making sure everyone sees where the party will be more than just “for the birds”.  These from Zazzle were great. I typed in peacock and honestly, the invite is a great place to help you lock in a color palette and feel of your wedding. Whether casual or fancy, more leaning towards blues or greens and even coppers.

imageWedding flowers can be a bit tricky with a theme that is blue and green. Not a ton out there that really help complement outside of using some lime greens and imagecremes. Iris’ do help, but tend to be a very seasonal and very delicate flower, so if you’re on a budget, why not think peacock fans? Or with corsages, you can do the white roses or a simple flower with feathers incorporated? I found these great fans online on Ebay for imageless than 20 dollars, considering costs of bouquets – these are a steal. Plus, being a photographer, you could use these as props all day and not see any broken petals, or even use them in your wedding bridal portraits.


Now dressing your ladies is going to be a blast. You can mix and match til your hearts content here, I suggest two, maybe three colors, at most. But this is where individuality can really take over. Perhaps tie it imageall together with a pretty peacock hair embellishment. I’ve found tons at Forever 21 before, but you can also find millions just by searching on Google Shopping. They are definitely something I ‘d reuse after the wedding! Being in swing gives this feathery feeling a 1940s twist, your girls dresses could definitely emulate the time period. I found these at David’s Bridal, but the possibilities are endless!

imageI actually almost like the men’s choice here more than the ladies. I saw these on Zazzle and came unglued. I also considered making the guys have some sort of feather tie in, but there are limits. There were peacock shoes as well, you can definitely go all out with this print, but being bold, I thought a simple tie would communicate the theme effectively without being overblown. You can tuck this beneath the chosen vest and it looks a little less bold. For the groom himself, find white peacock feathers, Snapfish can take photographs and make them into ties, so if you need to find the perfect picture , then it’s there for you!



Reception wise, it’s good to keep this elegant. I continue to center on the name “Gatsby”, I think that peacock feathers in vases would look smashing. Or laid longways. If you have the crafty ability, what about layering cake plates with feathers to give your cake a field of royalty to sit on?  If you have table numbers, then using peacock feather eyes to dot them will make a good splash if you want to stick to simple candle centerpieces in your chosen colors. I’ve found several retailers with good napkins in peacock prints – again Zazzle is a good vendor for this.

imageYou can leave your guests with a sweet ending as well if you lay out a deliciously sinful table to imagesweets in your chosen hues! imageThink tall and short and fat and thin vessels filled with candies. I’d avoid a lot of unwrapped unless you have imagesmall scoops, little fingers can make things sticky! Place out glassine bags for guests to help themselves with labels printed with your peacock feather icon and “thank you” for the imageday.image I’ve found the lot of these in my own grocery store, but there are many online vendors.

So there you have it, a fabulous nest to start your love off in. Enjoy it, have fun – feathers make anything a little fancy into an affair that you can shake your tail feathers at!










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