A Lifesaver!

image Ralph is a big barker when it’s something he doesn’t know. The latest pacifier that seems to be working the best is the Kong line of toys with the stuff’n bits inside. Now, at first, we put the treat all the way inside the toy, you’re supposed to let it hang out, but that said, it still kept him very busy for hours on end, evening bringing it to bed to go to sleep with! Okay, so at that time, it had to be put away. But that said, for the time we were outside working on the yard, and a large cat was all too thrilled to just observe Ralphie barking at her for what felt like eons, this little toy took his attention off of the cat, and thus, quieted him for the rest of the afternoon. Very pleased!image

Petsmart carries them, but the Kong line of products seems to pop up anywhere.

KONG Extreme Dog Toys for Strong Chewers run from Ralph size to Goliath size between $7.99-21.99 each and the little snacks KONG Stuff’n Mini Snacks  are priced at $5.99. I think you could probably put anything in there, but this seemed to keep Ralph super pleased!

This is made of super hard rubber, Ralph is FAMOUS for taking anything and making it a mess. Yarn, stuffed animals, dry leaves, toilet paper, you name it! This had nary a dent in it after a full days play, I think it’s going to become a well respected name in our house! Worth the price!


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