I See The Light

I recently replaced several of my house’s lighting fixtures and since then have been on a rampage about changing the look and feel of a room through the use of decorating lighting. While my house general stays on the traditional end of things. I fell in love with Ikea’s image Maskros Pendant lamp for $89.99. I wish I had one of those lucite and chrome places or even a trendy New York loft to show this off. It’s just a fantastic piece of art….forget the lamp even.image It looks like a firework come to life. The picture here portrays it as white, but really this is a lighter silver. I think it would look fantastic hanging above a stairway landing – the place I originally had picked out for it upon seeing it. It just screams for a minimal art space in order to share it’s burst of asterisks.

Next is the CB2 lantern arc floor lamp for $199.00 . This fits more into my current style – simple with a nice shot of color. I considered using this in my den where I have a bit of a retro look going. The drum shade, a current trend seems to make the color a little more toned down. I don’t care for a bright color plus an over the top design. That said, I love the scale of this, I think it makes a great statement in a earth tone palette.

Now, if you’re really look to personalize, you may considerimage Pottery Barn’s Atrium Glass Table Lamp for $139.00 image . The fillable glass base could leave me lost for things to fill it with. Marbles? Old love letters? Wine corks? Typewriter buttons? Who knows! The sky is the limit. But that said, I have to admit that I adore the idea that I could change this look up over and over again, not only changing the base color but the lamp as well!

Finally, a fixture that I do own! I went to Lowe’s and found a beautiful  Portfolio  3-Light Chambers Shaded Island Light for a bargain at $159.00. The picture doesn’t do this fixture justice. The shades are a lovely light taupe linen and really have a cool 1920’s candy shop appeal on the dark cocoa metal frame. It’s just enough light for my dining room, makes it casually cool with a coffeehouse feel. Adore it!


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