Thanksgiving is Over

We survived troops! Hope your dishes are cleaned, your turkey is gone or at least frozen or being used and that your holiday shopping season is done or underway.

I’m an early shopper and admittedly only have one or two gifts to shop for yet.  My Christmas decorations are starting to go up and make their way into my house. The trees, yes plural, are up and lighted. I haven’t placed the gifts underneath them yet, I almost feel like it’sclip_image002 bragging to say that I’m almost done and can sit with my feet up for the rest of the season.

I’ve already chosen my office party dresses for the year. I work for two different departments and ever being frugal, I chose my frocks at after season sales last year. I’m quite pleased that one of the dresses was from my larger days and had to be taken in order to fit. Good on me, course given last week’s eating frenzy, I hope the alterations weren’t done too hastily – I may need them let out!

This is the easiest week of the season to me, Thanksgiving done, Christmas is still a little far out and the largest bout of Christmas shopping is completed by the public at large. I’m not necessarily looking forward to the vultures in the parking lot of every shop I go to, but the idea that more people seem to be smiling at each other helps take the edge off.

Enjoy your week. Enjoy the day. It’ll be a great one.


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