For Me

imageI went to find something for myself the other day. Now, you’ll be saying, don’t you normally buy most accessories and clothes for…yourself? Sure, you do. But things with meaning take time and sometimes you get them without realizing how much they meant.

I recently purchased the Bella Ring with Garnet ($259.00) from James Avery. I cannot tell you how wonderful this ring is. I keep looking at it in the sunshine and watching it glisten back and forth with it’s varying shades of Crimson. I own the garnet studs for James Avery, I have worn them as favorites for awhile, they are classic shapes and for not being much of a jewelry hound, my pieces tend to be basic in nature if I’m going to wear them all the time.

This ring makes a statement without being large. It’s color seems to not stand out making an overstatement, but keeps it’s place on my hand. The stone tends to make every sort of red I do wear pop and makes it feel a little more special. I’ve wanted a right hand ring for awhile, this fit the bill well. It’s a significant purchase for me, it feels good to wear. I originally wanted a structured band of sorts, but at the moment, will continue to wait and look for the perfect one.

I bought this ring to indulge myself. I wish I could do so more, but I figure it wouldn’t feel as sweet when I did. I’m sitting here typing and continue to enjoy it. I hope you find the same sort of bliss in a shop window too!


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