What I want for Christmas

clip_image002This year, I’d like a party for Christmas. That’s an odd gift right? I’m not sure how to ask for this one without having to do alot of it on my own. So I suppose I’ll summon the help of Santa and hope that some how it happens. I’ve attempted to plan a few events recently and the busy bees out there really can’t make the stars align for us all to get together. That’s understood, there’s just a ton of things to get done this time of year.

That said, I’d love to find a time for those that are in my life to come together for a meal. Perhaps chatter on about what’s been going on in their lives, to share what they’d like for the new year, for everyone to sit and sip and perhaps even look at the winter sky snuggled up with those they love and enjoy a bit of the Christmas Spirit that seems to sometimes get lost in the consumerism that Christmas has started to become.

I’d like perhaps to cook for everyone, but if it’s a gift, I suppose I’d need to know ahead of time what it was I’m cooking. You know me, ever the party thrower, I can’t even imagine how this would work. All I know is that I’d like everyone to show up, and let’s have fun. I want more than ever this year, to be engulfed by the smiling faces that make up my many faceted world of friends. I want to sing Christmas carols, or the Dreidel song and I want to drink wassail and enjoy a good time. I want to tear up at a few moments and have my sides hurt with laughter.

One such wonderful person in my life calls his social network his “family of choice”. What a fitting term. So this Christmas I’d like surrounded by just that – all my whacky “uncles” and “cousins” and “crazy aunts with the cats who wrap up jello as gifts”.

Happy Holiday Season to All – I hope it’s a good night.


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