It can be about just You Two…

imageon a “Tues”day.

Truth is, I want to get married before the ceremony. At City Hall. Preferably on a Tuesday.

I want to wear a vintage WW2 dress, nothing over the top, but something that radiates how special that day is to me.

I’ve been married, I know the wedding song and dance. This next time around, I want two people, in front of each other listening to what’s being said, and not to detract, but to really feel the heaviness of it. To feel special in the idea that I want no distractions, no photographers, no anything – just the sound of those vows resonating in my heart and soul.

I think afterward I’d love a beautiful lunch or dinner, and perhaps a bit of candlelight. I want to take pictures that day, perhaps before and after, maybe something set up via a remote camera during. I can’t imagine not having one picture. But that said, it’s about removing the hustle and bustle and remembering what this was all for – a marriage. a commitment. a lifetime.


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