Little Rounds of Heaven


6 Hole White Escargot Plate – Ace Mart Restaurant Supply

$7.95 each

I’m a sucker for an “odd” plate. Something that you’ll use once – sort of like those hot pink plaid shoes in the closet. You just need to try it. For me, I love escargot, and even though I’ve not used them yet for escargot, I’ve found that these little beauties work well with rose buds as an interesting vase alternative! Dipping sauces abound? – here you go! They also work wonders to hold Easter eggs.




image image

Terra Cotta Collection Handled Dishes and Terra Cotta Tapas PlatesSur La Table

$5.95 & $4.95

  I adore tapas. Since discovering them, I’ve become enamored with the idea that little dishes and noshes just make them have better mouthfeel. These two choices would be great to mix and match. The handled dish goes great from oven to table with a flourishing amount of queso flameado in it. Also great for a half sandwich and soup, or as smaller portion dishes for you all watching your waistlines. Sometimes the small dish makes it feel more special!


imageWine Pairing Appetizer Platter – Williams Sonoma


I know even if it’s from Williams Sonoma that this borders on a bit “cheesy” – forgive the pun. But the divided plate works wonders with cheeses and crackers to be laid out. A nice baked brie and accompanying cranberry jelly and water wafers would look lovely against this colorful dish. The crackers may look a little less “drab” against it’s palette.  


  Hammered Metal Lunch Box – Cost Plus World Market image


I’m attempting to be more eco-friendly this year. I’m not succeeding as much as I would like, but when I do bring my lunch, it’s in a lunchbox rather than disposable containers or bags. This, this makes me want to bring dinner somewhere too! I’m under the impression that if being eco-friendly makes me look good too, it’ll motivate me using the reusable items!




imageVintage Wood Pizza Cutting Board -Pottery Barn


Forget the name. This isn’t just a wood cutting board for pizza. Think cheese board. Think bread board. Think great way to lay out muffins for brunch. or a cake would look fabulous here too. The rustic look lends itself to upscale Italian table layouts just as much as it would serve a good ol’ Texas Barbecue.


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