The Hustle & Bustle



Here we are smack dab into the middle of the holiday season. Last minute gift buying, parties to prepare for, fires lit, snowmen building for you Yankees, and maybe the first time we get a heavier coat out for us Southern folk. This week will be dedicated to all the last minute trimmings!

I adore this time of year when I can sit at my local mall and watch the cute couple getting cocoa together after ice skating. Or the kids telling Santa what it is that they want for Christmas. I adore passing by churches and seeing the manger scenes and messages on their placards. I love the smell of Christmas trees and pine cones in the air at a hardware store and I adore hearing a fire crackle as I put my wooly socked feet up next to it.

This year I find myself doing projects at home that I always want to complete before the year is out. Little do it yourself craft things that I pick up from articles here and there. Making an extra batch of cookies for the office just so I can try out something I read about over the week and don’t forget by next year .I adore putting my presents out under the tree and perhaps even spend a


little time wishing there was a Santa, and perhaps believing for an instant that there is one.

I continue year after year to want to open my front door and have an anonymous gift on the front porch. I don’t know why I think this will ever come true  and more strangely, where I conjured the idea from. Perhaps for a moment Christmas means being a kid again, and understanding that fantasy can still be reality. It’s a wonderful season right now, even amidst the chaos of preparing for it, I like to sit back and realize I’m not the only one who lives in the hustle and bustle, that perhaps someone is sitting back and watching me get things done and enjoying a sip of coffee …for I will do the same during this time – and enjoy the season knowing that I’m a part of it, not merely an observer.



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