What Ralph got for Christmas

image clip_image001

This looked like a perfect gift for good ol’ Ralph. He loves to burrow under anything when he’s tired. Even when he’s laying on the bed and it’s time to finally commit to some serious shut eye, he pulls himself up and bothers me to pick up the covers and let him under.

Right now, I’ll be getting his friends the Snuggie Dog Bed Nesting Nook for Christmas. Shhh, don’t tell them. They come in small, medium and large ranging from 19.99-29.99. I’ve seen them at Walmart but also on Amazon.com. If you’re an Amazon user like me, this would help you achieve that all important “super saver shipping” in your holiday bundle you’re about to punch through.

Ralph was recently gifted with the Snuggle Zone Pet Bed, which is fantastic! I highly suggest this similar product as well. image He seems to enjoy the idea that he can sit on top of it and look regal as much as he’d like to think he were running the house…which, well, let’s admit, he tends to do at times. I have this afternoon off, and I can see that Ralph and I will be spending quality time watching movies…this being his front row movie seat!

It will fit him in there quite comfortably and he usually “hedgehogs” himself even smaller – pulling himself into a tight and fuzzy (and very cute) ball of cuteness. I could definitely see either of these getting alot of use on the couch in the corner while I watch tv. Let’s hope it works! It should make him happy!


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