Giving > Getting

clip_image001I adore giving gifts. Most of my close girlfriends will joke and tell you that I’ve probably already stored a few Christmas gifts for 2011 already. They’re right. I have a constant spreadsheet of gift ideas so that I’m always prepared when I’m shopping about. It saves me money to have something in mind rather than going for what I can find on the fly.

I love having little containers ready for cookies or candy so that if someone’s having a bad day or even an on-the-spot celebration of something – promotion, just found out they were pregnant, etc…I’m at the ready to celebrate it with them. I don’t think gifts are necessary by any means, but I think it’s an extension or substitution of a greeting card at times, let’s the person know that you care.

I still adore some gifts that cost little to nothing at all – a crayon drawing from a child, a doting email of praise from a loved one, even one of my sister’s whacky powerpoint drawings that she’s amazing at. It’s cliché, but it is the thought that counts. I love feeling like someone thought of me, and in a way that isn’t generic. Sometimes just having something catch my eye like a wind up toy of dancing shoes that reminds me of someone – that will accompany a post-it note as a nice surprise on their desk.

Obviously during Christmas, gifts are in abundance. I get more excited giving a perfectly wrapped package than getting one. Truth be told, I don’t like unwrapping in front of people. Last year I actually unwrapped most by myself, it makes me feel like the center of attention and I don’t really care for that. Which is rather contradictory since I love watching my recipients’ faces as they see my gifts that I took time and care to choose for them. Ha, I suppose some things just don’t make sense.

The season is about giving, it doesn’t take a thick pocketbook to do that, take the time, think about it, appreciate what the person needs from you, and give that.


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