Give unto Others…


In the spirit of giving, I would like to challenge you this weekend to give to 5 strangers. At my church once, my congregation handed each family an envelope of money. We were encouraged to give to something, someone, some charity even, just for the sake of giving. In this economy, the idea of handing out money left and right is difficult, and compound that with the financial impact of the holiday season and it makes it sometimes hard to give out of your pocketbook any more than you already are.

In that case, help someone with their groceries in their car. Gents, help that girl in the hardware store who’s doing her craft projects with big lumber on her way to her trunk. Even in this day and age, at least ask so you don’t freak people out on a safety level, but that said, see if you can lend a hand. I think this is a lost lesson – giving of one’s time is a gift.

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