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It’s the one day that “rock star” is an understatement. It’s New Years Eve! I love a corset, it’s classic and creates shape for both the bustless (raises hand!) or boastful busted. I loved the little ruffle of the boot – even these are a little over the top, but at that price, you really can’t say no. Plus, these are still very wearable for other events – even though I would secretly wait for the actual New Years Eve to pull them out for their first wearing – what a way to say HELLOOOOO 2011. Now, last, but not least, this skirt. MOVES. Think of those little beaded fringes swirling and clicking their way onto the dance floor, or with every move of your hips across the room. All eyes on you – show it girl.

The Inspiration


The Gear

image image image

Charlotte Russe:  Leather Corset $24.50

Forever 21: 12×12  Beaded Mini Skirt $42.00

        High Fashion Boots  $38.80


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