Look at them Stems

 clip_image002Pottery barn – Montana Goblets, Set of 6 – $75.00 – I know, the price tag is sticker shock unless you’re getting married or these are a gift. But that said,image I adore the flat bottomed simplicity that doesn’t mean “boring wine glass shape.” It still has that beautiful clear glass that shows off those nice reds and bubblies, but doesn’t have the etchings that leave an expensive wine hide behind the glittery exterior of the vessel.



Crate & Barrel : Ona Large Pitcher $26.95 – I couldn’t help but include a pitcher in this post. This is one my favorites. I love anything you can use as a vase too – saves on cabinet space!  My only caution here – it can sweat and get slippery. It’s easy design fits in with any table decor, can be used for showcasing a fantastic sangria and when not in use, makes a nice bit of art on a shelf.

imageWalmart does simple yet elegant again.  Better Homes and Gardens Set of 4 15-Ounce Wineglasses, Green $12.00 are a steal compared to your “nice glassware”, heck, it can be your nice glassware. This shade can mix into a Thanksgiving or Christmas table just as much as you can an Easter set up. While I have a hard time committing a color to my regular tableware, this basic wineglass can definitely be used for everyday dining.image


Cost Plus World Market: Novica Contoured Wine Glasses, Set of 6  $52.95 – I adore these glasses as they look like something my grandmother might have had. The glint of blue in their reflection paired with the subtle edging make them vintage cool. Given the wide mouth and sturdy design, these could be great for a parfait or pudding when dessert is arranged.


Pier 1’s Tortoise Glassware can be had $6.50 – $9 a stem.  This bold look lends itself well to a tropical table, or even a dark wood charger beneath a white plate. I see this also going well with a mustard or orange dish, something that sings to the array of browns and ambers the mottled glass carries.


Finally, last, but not least is Ikea’s NÄRHET Red wine glass $4.99. I like the detail on the stem without detracting from the basic wine glass. I would use this for an everyday stem for sure. It has a bit of mod look to it, with the entire line you can elevate that basic dish set to a little more sophisticated style. Besides, anything looks neater with a wine glass! 😉


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