imagePottery Barn’s Laurel Organic Duvet Cover & Sham – ($39.00-$129.00) say sweet end to the day. A bit of the vintage print of a little girls room meets all-grown-up tailoring in this set. The good blue color reminds me of robin’s egg and sweet days of spring. I feel like climbing out of this on a Sunday morning might make me yearn for a stack of pancakes with a smiley face on top – the set gives me something smile about.


imageCb2: urban mandala bed linens ($19.95-$89.95) – I adore this print. Easy stick figure-like buildings come to life in a large medallion. Black and white makes it easy to mix and match other patterns here, or keep it in it’s modern format with some minimal accessories. I see this shining in a college apartment or a techie’s dream loft.

imageTarget: DwellStudio for Target Casablanca Bedding Collection ($24.99-$79.99)  – a touch of colonial added to a sky of clouds for me. The green is a nice touch of grass to lay my head. DwellStudio has turned out several patterns for Target – very pop ideas in a classical twist. I like the clean lines in what could have become a stuffy damask print.

Walmart: imageHometrends Ellington Complete Bedding Set, Red / Black ($39.00-$54.00) – I’ll face it, I’m a Walmart girl, but I’m usually not a bedding at Walmart girl. This geometric find has me rethinking what my guest room looks like! The red and black go perfectly with the Macintosh colored walls I sport. I like the black and white play here and the bold print is big enough to mix with a smaller print sheet if you could find one. Decent price, decent look, have at it!


Ikea: Lusy Kloss Duvet cover and pillowcases ($29.99-$39.99) – I’m a big Ikea fan. Sometimes I think their bedding is a little basic for me, but some how this Twister meets Bingo marriage could win me over. I picture it with an understated bed in a room that needs a little bit of whimsy. If you did the “regular Ikea thing” with minimal color, an orange lamp on a light oak desk, kept the walls a nice shade of grey even, this could make the mundane, a piece of art.


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