Good for Business

 image I went on a business luncheon recently to Fratelli’s. While the location isn’t supremely convenient, it’s worth the drive. I had the Tagliatelle con Ragu Bolognese –  it was fresh hand made tagliatelle pasta with ragu Bolognese meat sauceimage. I’ve only shared my meat sauce recipe with one other person on this earth, so that said, I understand how hard it is to get this right.

They do a great job of it. Amazing in fact so much so that I overlooked the somewhat stale bread. The salad is typical greens, the balsamic isn’t necessarily a vinegarette, but a heavier dressing where I think the heft isn’t needed. The pasta was cooked perfectly though and the meat sauce isn’t overwhelmed by any of the spices, as I imagefind alot that meat sauces do.

The atmosphere is homey, with a touch of class. I found myself staring at the oddly arranged palm tree orchid “garden of Eden” like center of the restaurant, thinking that another table could fit there, but besides that the service is tops, and I never want for more, they refill and check in periodically, always ready to lend a hand. Definitely recommended for a business lunch, I can always hears the people I’m with and there’s no clanging pots or noise issues.  Although busy, there never seems to be a wait either, a big plus in my book!

Fratelli’s – –  (713) 957-1150

imageRating: Spoon and  Fork – good, but could be better!


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