Snap Crackle Pop…A Shower!

I adore someone with a good sense of humor. The other day I realized how much I adore rice krispie’s treats. and I was saying to my best friend what a imagecool idea a wedding cake of them would be. Lo and behold, they exist.  Now, I don’t know if I’d like this at my wedding, but I think the whimsy is rather appropriate for a shower – and relatively doable on your own versus a wedding cake.

Which made me start thinking of some other “revisit your childhood” ideas for showers. Family and girlfriends come to imageshowers that make you remember where you came from. What better platform exists than to remember the past! 

Ring pops anyone? What a better blissful engagement ring!? Or candy necklaces? Every time someone says the word “bride” can you steal their bucket of candy? Hershey kisses even make sense when talking weddings!

Need punch? Think back to the days of yore – Delaware punch? or crush soda? (a bride has a “crush” on the groom? Old style bottled sodas? What to serve for lunch gives you tons of room to have fun with – perhaps serve lunch on old style cafeteria square divided plates? Serve up old time favorites – sliders or mom’s meatloaf (perhaps a mini version) with a little potato and carrot. Fried chicken picnic with a bit of potato salad? Or keep it light and just have simple homemade cookies and a few vintage candy bars perhaps?

Show pictures of the bride at different ages and have folks guess! Or perhaps her mother can provide a report card and you can guess her grades!!

Slinky races down your stairs? A ball and jacks contest? or Lego build the bride and groom? Or even tinker toy and Lincoln log into who builds the best house for the newlyweds? Hopscotch contests or skipping rope and singing? I think the more whacky the group is, the more outrageous the games should be! Remember your school field day? Forget the boring word games, think getting these ladies outside!

One word of caution, if you choose to do so, you may want to mention “casual” on your invitation!


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