Man, On a Roll

I’m on a roll this week. Going to really get things swept up and around the house totally back together. It’s been a fantastic new year thus far though, relaxing weekend, staying on top of projects, chores, etc….and even enjoying the heck out of life doing it.

Today’s message is to not waste time. To make sure you say and do the things you want to do. You never know when time may be up for you, for someone else. It’s all about living in the moment – unhindered by fear and to make sure that you leave your impression on the world. I want to live a full life, and the people in my life, the people I choose to be there, are my constant source of inspiration, love, energy and motivation that the next day is going to be even better.

Smiling through each day is what counts. Knowing I have my biggest “fans” in my arena (and in the front row to boot! with loud voices and big posters telling me to MAKE IT HAPPEN!) is what I consider my thermometer. Recently however, I realized I wasn’t my own biggest fan. I need to be that. I need to stand behind my decisions with gusto too! Be confident that I know how to make myself happy – once I learn how to do that! 🙂

I’m figuring out what makes me happy….what makes you over the moon?

Take care, and it’s a bear out there!



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