Paying Homage to the Forgotten

The Thought

Don’t even start to say no to this one. You must try it once. I think this look can be done on anyone, with any body type to your liking. This isn’t some stick girl style. I think this even works for the curvaceous woman of pin up fame – the one piece highlights you! not your imperfections, but who you are. Give it a try – I think you’ll find a new look! That said, I included America’s favorite overall, the Dickies. I think sometimes, you need to stretch back and revisit something you may have overlooked. I think with a henley and some lug sole boots, you may just look hot to some folks!

The Inspiration


The Gear

image  image image image image image

Forever 21: Snap-Buttoned Accent Romper $27.80 Indigo Bib Overall $29.99

Charlotte Russe: Ruffle Front Romper $14.50

Macy’s: American Rag Jumpsuit, Strapless Straight Ruffle Smocked Wide Leg $59.00

Newport News: Sequined Wide-Leg Drape-Neck Jumpsuit $89.00

Dillards: Kensie Charmeuse Romper $20.40


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