Take a Seat


I’ve recently been taking a look at my entry way “hall” which currently holds my butler’s cabinet that houses all of my serving ware. That said, I’m starting to wonder if it’s more functional and space liberating to put a bench in order to place bags, shoes, etc…as I flop through the door after a long day.

Right now my top winner is the Pottery Barn Windsor Bench. It’s steep at $399, but it’s a classic, open shape that I can see being utilized as both table and bench. My only downfall here is that I’m going to end up adding a hat tree or hooks in order to store some items, but the style factor is worth it here.

A little more sparse, but definitely high on the inspiration and design factor is the imageIkea PS RASKEN. At it’s $99.99 price tag, this is a piece that I could love and leave elsewhere. I see it as a lovely bench, but it could easily double as a low table in my den later if I find something else. My only regret is the nude color of the wood, I’m thinking this might require a refinishing so that I can blend it in with my more traditional decor better.  Loving the open bottom for a neat storage box or two. Lots of possibilities here!

This next bench reminded me of one my grandmother had at her house when I would visit it. The storage seat is perfect! This imageTarget Country Style Bench – Black at $149.99 is a steal for the detail and storage possibilities. The black blends well in the space and I’m even seeing some pictures being taken in it – so double as a photo prop area! 🙂

Finally, if I were really looking for a shock and awe entry way, this imageCrate & Barrel Paterson Blak Storage Bench with Wheat Cushion and Panel ($547.95) is an indulgence. It would definitely redefine my space and say HELLO to anyone who entered my house!


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