A Mighty Fine Experience



  A burger with everything except lettuce – which meant a generous helping of what Mighty Fine calls Red, Yeller and White – ketchup, mustard and mayo to us city folk. The fries were good, hand cut crinkle fries – they weren’t the steak fries your mama might be able to turn out but they were good.image

Admittedly I’m a burger snob. It’s gotta be good. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can still come in the greasy bag just as this one did. But it has to have a bit of messy quality while the bun doesn’t fall apart and above all, it has to taste like beef, not some “beef product”…and this definitely lived up to it’s name!

imageOn first sip the milkshake (vanilla!) was a bit thin, but proved to have standing power as I had my first few sips! I despise a too thick milkshake, if I didn’t  want to drink it, I’d have gotten a sundae! Sadly Mighty Fine doesn’t serve up onion rings, but if you’re going to do something – do it right – and so if they’re omitting them because lack of talent – then my hats off to keeping the burger fabulous!



Mighty Fine Burgers – www.mightyfineburgers.com – (512) 524-2400

image Rating: spoon, fork & knife – it lived up to it’s name!


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