What a Pear!

Sometimes you need a theme where everything…and I mean everything…can go with!image

Sometimes it all starts with him asking.  The wedding theme was right there, in the blue box with the white bow all along…. Tiffany Bezet Pear $9,150.

imageKick off the party with these fantastic designs from zazzle.com. If you’ve not discovered Zazzle, you need to! Type in anything – and then I find myself to inspire something new – and themes go so far that your own imagination sometimes has to stop before you, as in this case, pear yourself to death! image

For the ladies, I kept it simple, I didn’t want to mix too many colors here, Davids Bridal has a ton of selection. Being a swing dancer has brought to light the need to make sure you can dance in your dress. So while I’ll be covering my reception dress ideas soon for a bride who “MUST” move on the dance floor, it’s harder for the bridesmaids to have two dresses for an event. Because this theme works well both spring (shown here) and fall, I suggest that you get paint chips for your color palette. Pears can get you from browns to yellows to greens to oranges and reds even. It’s how you keep the focus on a few colors and make sure the pear stays prominent. Dresses here imagewill tie that in many fold.

   Pears – Mini Stone Fruit Earrings with Antiqued Leaves on Etsy Polishedtwo’s Shop $9 – whether for yourself or your bridesmaids, these cute little earrings are something they’ll wear again. You can also go traditionally more formal and just get pear shaped rhinestones as well. image

Choices for the kids can be endless on how you incorporate this theme – I found these cute little pop art ties on Zazzle, but I also found these button covers for a steal ($3!) on Rubyplaza.com. Button wise you can fit them to the ring bearer pillow or even on the flower girls dress. Why not incorporate them into the grooms and groomsmen’s boutonierres?

imageSpeaking of flowers, this one’s easy – think pears, and lots of them – in tall cylinders or even simply elegant fruit bowls. Snacks for the wedding guests? Something for them to take away for later use? Submerged in water on imagetheir own, or even topped off with a flower or two. What about placing them in tiered cupcake holders or on silver cake trays – quick and simple these are classy ways of putting together easy centerpieces that you and your helping hands can put together.


imageAnother great reception centerpiece is candles, you can intersperse these on your cake plates even. Or they make great favors. I found a box of 12 on Amazon.com for $15.

Again, because it’s botanically themed, floral departments will burst with ideas. Pear branches laid out flat, or in large vases overarching. Perhaps even pear vines or mini pear picks to include in corsages. Faux pears can be used and they’re great for the early shopper who wants to get things done ahead of time.


Now, don’t get me started on food, this is so simply done, but makes me so happy when I can even menu out a theme!image

Obviously your baker can use marizpan pears on the cake, even as the topper. But the meal itself can include imagepears.

Think pears wrapped in ham, or even a pear sauce with your dish. What about a salad of roasted pears with blue cheese and walnuts?  Now, as much as I like the theme, I wouldn’t go too overboard here, it can be a great meal with a few personal touches, but don’t lose to the theme where you should be having a great meal.

Your bar can feature a personalized cocktail, but saving that for other themes, I found that the answer was much easier, Earle Estates Meadery Pear Mead at  $10.99 a bottle won’t break the bank and won’t break your bartender’s back pouring it either!


The thoughts are endless on this one. I’m sure there are a million things that I could have listed, as I publish this now, I thinking about “pear-ings” and “perfect pears” and I hope you find your pear-fect match. 


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