Excellent Find!

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This was a great before the movie place. I’m still shocked that during happy hour they were empty except for us and a few folks at the sushi bar. The place is immaculent, well appointed, has a designated hibachi and sushi area (I hate when the smoke permeates the place and you can’t breathe) and the service was attentive and even put in my order early so it would ready and waiting for arrival.


We had the Tuna Roll, Spider Roll, California Roll, Vegetable Roll, Chef’s Special Roll and a Texas Express roll. Everything was super fresh if not a little big for being sushi! Rolls never fell apart, everything had an abundance of fillings. I’m usually a bit picky about my vegetable roll. This may have been a slight disappointment, I had alot of avocado and peanuts, but no discernible crunch of a carrot or cucumber. The tuna roll was spot on, fishy but not overly so – just a hint of sea. Both the spider and texas express rolls were presented beautifully and either could have been paired with soup for a light lunch.

I enjoyed a few glasses of the house white wine, $4 at happy hour, and it was a fantastic end to a rough work day. The service was immediate when we needed something, stayed out of your area as conversation was going on. When we ordered another two rolls towards the end, it was prompt and polite. Everything was easy about this meal as it helped send us off to the theatre not needing popcorn!


Tao Japanese – http://taojapanese.com/ – (281) 277-2877

Rating: spoon, fork & knife: they’re on a roll!


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