Gifts for Each Other

I think it’s a beautiful thing to surprise someone romantically. I’m the type of girl who loves someone who can just love me out in the open in front of the world. Which I think it generally the embodiment of a wedding with family and friends all around.

That said, I also adore a few choice personal things for the day. Something to make my groom feel super fabulous. Some for in front of his fimageriends! Some not so much! Ever think that a pin up photo done in good taste may make him get giddy about the upcoming honeymoon?

imageNot that you want to overserve anyone before they make it to the reception, but a great bottle of his favorite poison along with your new monogram on some high ball glasses may make those crazy groomsmen a little more apt to “behave” during the ceremony! I mean, winning their vote never hurts! 🙂

What about surprising him with his favorite candy? or even a pin of his family crest to wear during the ceremony on his lapel? Perhaps you can tuck a matching one on your imagedress somewhere as a symbol of coming together as family?image

It’s just as easy to get the bride all blushing if you can dot her day with a few well placed surprise well wishes.

Easy enough is to send flowers! A hand written note! Perhaps even set up a few extra imagegoodies on your honeymoon and let her know what’s in store for you!

If you know her well enough, and she’s game, perhaps you can help choose the jewelry she will wear that day. Or buy her a small pin or accessory that will help compliment her wear. If she’s changing clothes to leave or for the reception, this may also be a great outfit to offer some “little blue box” love.image

  Whatever it is – small , big, or in between, make each other feel remembered, tossing a little letter or box between the groomsmen and bridesmaids to heighten the butterfly feeling that “I’m going to see you soon…and guess what, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you.” Enjoy!


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