A Valentine’s day Worthy Dinner



Biga on the Banks was enjoyed while in San Antonio recently. While it sits on the Riverwalk it’s far from the kitschy tourist type place that inhabits the area.

For starters we had the salmon nachos and the squid ink pasta & chicken fried oysters. Both exquisite. The entire table seemed to imageagree  that the oysters were perfect .Far from the “Southern soul food” that most things with “Chicken Fried” incite, this was a tender bite that didn’t have breading overshadowing the salty flavor. Still don’t understand the pasta sauce, but whatever that was, continue it! Buttery without being heavy, it made for a nice contrast.

The Cuzco salad earned top marks for me. A perfectly balanced salad of hominy, avocado, sweet potatoes, tomato, onion, jalapeno and butter lettuce. It was enough to not even require the dressing, which was a lovely pickle vinegar that the onions had soaked in. Gorgeous all the way around.image

For entree, I enjoy the mahi mahi with braised cabbage (instead of baby carrots) and their roasted fingerling potatoes. Perfect all the way around. The crab and lobster with pico de gallo that accompanied my fish was spot on, nothing overwhelming, but adding a nice spice to all of the pieces on the plate. 

The service here cannot be beat, some of the best I’ve had in the city. Very attentive without protruding, I was amusing myself towards the end with a bit of napkin folding, my waiter, Orlando, chimed in with the perfect napkin fold for Thanksgiving – I’ll put that to use soon!

Biga on the Banks – http://www.biga.com/ – 210-225-0722



Rating: fork, spoon & knife: definitely a celebration, even when there’s nothing to celebrate.


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