Road Trippin’

Go ahead and laugh when I say “Car Seat for a Dog”. But that said, I’ve used this car seat for three of my animals and it’s never ripped, shredded or imageeven been a pain to use! They all LOVE it. They can see out the window, and I don’t have to subject myself to whining much like small children!

It’s safety harness keeps them strapped in safe, which means that if I were in an accident, Ralph Thomas isn’t flying anywhere. It’s easy to put in any style of car and adjusts to just about any placement that you require. (I’ve even been able to put it on the back of a seat when there wasn’t much room! (Although not suggested by the manufacturer)

Ralph can move around enough to be comfortable, sit up and stand to see out the window even more. But he’s definitely in enough that he’s not going to cause damage to himself, or the car. Plus at the end of a long day, he’s able to lay down and nap! Sometimes the dog park is just too much! can get you the Outward Hound Car Seat for $29.65 and that includes their free super saver shipping! It comes in small (which I use) and medium. I highly recommend this product.


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