Resolution Check In – Quarter 1 – 2011

I’ve been making it a habit to check in on myself when trying to accomplish my year’s resolutions. Today I’ll share my progress as a way to admit to the world where I’m going wrong and right

  1. Go to Italy. imagePlane booked. Hotel booked. Entertainment tickets and restaurants scouted. Scheduled calls for further reservations. Scared to hell about how to get around on buses, but I’ll make it! 🙂
  2. Maintain my weight healthily. Okay, okay, I’m overindulging. I didn’t gain much back – 3 lbs on average – but it’s time to stop indulging and make salads a bit more habit. I enjoy eating way too much, but getting out of hand makes it that much harder to maintain. That said, gym everyday and lots of activity on the weekends help!
  3. Continue to be grateful for what I have.  I am happy to report that I’m debt free – so this being grateful resolution really got a boost this week – I am so grateful for being able to accomplish this! The shopping has waned a bit, I know that Etsy is a fabulous site and perhaps I should just stop looking – but in the end, I’m a girl – it’s what I do!
  4. Value myself. Hm. I’m speaking up for what I want more….what can I do!?
  5. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. Still no headway made here. It’s not a priority goal at the moment, perhaps later in the year?
  6. Write a novel. Got farther on this then I even thought I could! Not only have I made huge headway into getting my cook book completed and the pictures created for the chapter pages, I’ve also managed to get a quarter of the way through a children’s book and then even more shockingly, I’ve gotten about 150 pages into a book that my best friend suggested – a manual on me. Not only is it feeding my learning about what I want endeavor, it’s been alot of fun to see how it’s coming together!
  7. Wear more socks, tights, etc….this sorta went to the wayside this month. Alot of things did. Work has been so crazy that finding clothes and putting together good outfits got pushed aside. I need to remember that people do judge a book by its cover at times, looking put together is still important!
  8. Purge more. As we were planting the garden yesterday, I took a break and started to make a bag of the things in the garage that needed donated. Closet will happen this week and I’m picking around the house little things. I hate feeling claustrophobic about “stuff” that I don’t use hanging around. This week will have a bit more oomph – these updates remind me to stay on it!
  9. Go to town more – local foods, bike riding – We did go antiquing this weekend and last.
  10. DO what you said you would do when you wished you would do it – that’s what this list is about. While it may seem pushy to people, or perhaps that is just my own perception of it – I’m starting to hold others and myself to the things that they promised they would do – and on time.
  11. Use environmentally friendly bags, products, etc…I wish I could excel at this. I’m terrible.
  12. Finish crafts – This one is going quite well. Not only am I paring down the list of those projects that I’ve started, but it’s almost nil at this point. I want to make a bird cage cover for the bird cage for the house.  I have to finish up my tablet pc case. I still have that pesky afghan to knit – it’s starting a project that is so hard – once I get going it speeds by!
  13. Give more gifts – homemade, think of others – I’ve done a few acts of random kindness this month. It’s nice to spread the warm fuzzies!

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