A is for A Line

In our new ABC fashion feature, we’ll be highlighting a section of home or personal embellishment.

image image


Ah. the classic skirt.

Simply defined it means slightly flared from a narrow waist or shoulders.

I don’t know what definition of slightly is. But that said, I find that an a line skirt can definitely make anyone feel like they have instant hips. Not that I need extra hips any time soon, but the 50s feel of an a line can be highlighted by adding a good belt or a contrasting waist accent in a good color like in the picture above.

It was a classic 50s and even kept well into the 60s as a staple part of a dress or outfit. It’s an easy style that complements a large section of the female population. Even in longer lengths you’ll see a line styles dominate in bridesmaid dress selections.  Dior is credited with making it’s debut on fashion runways, it’s still surviving today as a classic skirt silhouette.

I’m a personal fan of the midi, or mid-calf, length – being taller sometimes the “knee length” skirts hit a little high and I start to pull off a little too “baby doll” look rather than the more modest and refined look that it beckons a lady to have.

Get out there, try one, see where it may take you! Please, for me, watch it in the wind, but twirl about madly – it’s fun being a girl!


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